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Mega Dance by daughter-of-Myou
Mega Dance
I'm in a bit of a Pokémon high at the moment.
I quite liked Gallade's design when he was first introduced in gen4, and find his recently revealed Mega evolution downright gorgeous (almost on level with shiny Mega Gardevoir). Can't wait to get my hands on Alpha Sapphire in November!

Anyways. Trying a few new things here; sketched and lined on paper then coloured exclusively with my laptop's mousepad, and a transparent background (since I suck at drawing them and didn't feel much like trying :XD:).

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.
Pokemon ORAS mega team SHINY by daughter-of-Myou
Pokemon ORAS mega team SHINY
Felt like drawing last night; traditional pencil (pre-fine liner) on paper, scanned in and edited this morning. With luck, I'll finally get my hands on a new graphics tablet on my birthday next week, so I'll be able to colour this thing properly.

The is one of the teams I'm contemplating for when the Pokémon RSE remakes come out (holy wow, I am so excited!!), though I'll probably switch out the Metagross for Breloom; don't like having two of the same types on my team, not enough variety. I actually didn't mean for 80% of the squad to be Megas; Metagross and Altaria's new forms were revealed after I originally picked the members. Honestly, I'm glad Altaria got the upgrade - but I really don't feel like Metagross needed it. Dude was overpowered enough already, but there you go.

Incidentally, the final picture will have the pokés in their normal colourations. They're only shiny here because I was curious to see what they'd look like. Damn, Gardevoir, your black dress is fabulous.
Big Hero 6 Fred stamp by daughter-of-Myou
Big Hero 6 Fred stamp
Fred, from the upcoming Big Hero 6 movie. All rights go to Marvel / Disney.

Other BH6 stamps: Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada stamp (animated) by daughter-of-Myou Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada stamp by daughter-of-Myou Big Hero 6 Baymax stamp by daughter-of-Myou Big Hero Six Gogo Tomago stamp by daughter-of-Myou Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon stamp by daughter-of-Myou Big Hero 6 Wasabi stamp by daughter-of-Myou


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Please don't post chain messages, ask me for points (directly or by asking me to set up donation pools for you), or ask me to join groups out of the blue. Also, please don't ask me to review stuff - chances are I won't have the time to give a good one D:

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